Our Mission

Our Mission:

To inspire and assist in the elevation of global consciousness, creativity, and vibrant health by giving people permission and the space to be authentic and dance THEIR DANCE!

Our core VALUES

Our Philosophy:

Dance is part of being human.  Our bodies were designed for movement and our soul is here to express.  These sensory meat suits we flop around in are our vessel of communication and experience and yet we restrict and limit our expression and movement due to the fear of what others may think about it.  This prevents us from experiencing our fullest potential and the yumminess of being in a human body.

The truth is, we are ALL amazingly great dancers when we aren’t trying to dance copy or mimic someone else’s dance.  The way your body wants to move to music IS the right way.  We have only to tell ourselves a few simple truths that can quite literally liberate not only our bodies but our minds.

  1. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE – and if they do, it’s their problem.
  2. YOUR WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY – You are creative and your way is the perfect way for YOU.
  3. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU – Your health and the way you feel is your responsibility.
  4. YOU SHOULD LOOK DIFFERENT – If you are truly dancing, not copying, YOU SHOULD LOOK DIFFERENT!
  5. ALL OF THESE ARE JUST GREAT IDEAS UNTIL PUT INTO PRACTICE  – You don’t understand S#@T until you have practiced and applied it.

THEGROOVE DANCEfloor is a safe place where you get to put these very simple truths into practice.

Deep down we ALL would love to have the ability to move our body confidently and creatively to music.  YOU CAN… when you do it YOUR way.
See you on the DANCEfloor.

Misty Tripoli
Creator of The GROOVE Method™ and the bodyGROOVE Experience™