The bodyGROOVE Experience™

At Home DVDs.

BodyGROOVE™ is the evolution of THEGROOVE and goes far beyond the “workout”.  It is a mind blowing delicious DANCE EXPERIENCE that calms the mind, nurtures the body and feeds the SOUL!  Don’t get it twisted, this is NOT an airy fairy foofoo FREESTYLE dance class!  BodyGROOVE™ is a coordinated dynamically interactive CREATIVE GROUP DANCE environment. (that’s a lot of words to say ” it’s a delicious HIGH for DANCE ADDICTS!”)  It combines the facilitation of authentic dance (THEGROOVE – “united but unique”) with new age science, holistic technologies, and activities that enhance self awareness and cultivate higher brain, organ and joint function!

*It is perfect for people that are ready to take their movement, creativity and dancing to the next level, and are interested in using DANCE and authentic movement for self healing, self awareness, and higher levels of creativity and self expression.

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