Annabelle Neudam – Europe

Music and dance have always been very important in my life: Starting with ballroom dancing at the age of 15, joining all kinds of dance classes from Jazz, House, Lyrical, Hip Hop for 20 years to being a Salsa-addict and singing in a youth-choir. For me GROOVE is the most wonderful combination of music and dance. Dancing makes me feel complete, connects body and soul through movement, makes me tune in and listen to the needs of my body.

GROOVE has enriched my life in so many ways – from experiencing dance completely new, meeting wonderful people all over the world, becoming part of a creative, crazy, caring international family to becoming a better teacher – it has been and still is quite a journey. I am happy and beyond grateful to be a Facilitator of the GROOVE since 2012 and give other people the opportunity to experience the freedom of dance in their very own way. It is such a joy to see The World GROOVE Movement grow and spread out to so many people.

Other than GROOVE I also teach a variety of group fitness classes such as bodyART™, deepWORK©, Speedball Fitness™, Step Aerobic and workout classes. Teaching movement is my passion – there is nothing better than seeing participants walking out of a class all happy, smiling and confident.

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