Corinne Sasso – Europe

I got introduced to THEGROOVE in 2011 in Mexico and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since. The positive aspects I get out of it and the changes within myself just blew my mind and it still does. I love to share the experience I got with everyone in the world,

so that everyone can enjoy this amazingness. Being true to yourself, speaking the truth, being authentic, it’s so fascinating experiencing it in yourself every day. It is so important to believe in yourself, to be yourself, to love yourself and to spread this love out with everyone around you. Being who you are and not giving a shit what others think and say; with GROOVE, it all gets together and makes perfect sense.

GROOVE opened the door to music for me again. Listening to music, really deeply, this is so important to me. Listening to music is meditation for me. Meditating and finding perfect songs for my GROOVE experiences is so much fun, and dancing it out, even more FUN! It’s so great to see happy faces in your class dancing and smiling.

GROOVE your life, be authentic, be YOU! Be HAPPY and SMILE!