Holly Wade – USA


GROOVE found me!  My first GROOVE experience was at a Fitness Conference before it was called GROOVE.  I missed the early-bird registration, so by the time I registered, most of the classes I had as my top choices were filled.  I noticed all of these classes by M. Tripoli that were dance-based.  They seemed like they were up my alley.  I figured I would either love the conference, or find something else to do.
That first session was the very first one of the conference. EARLY in the morning.  A handful of us were in there waiting for Misty.  Pretty soon, this larger than woman with dreads and a cup of hot tea walks in, rolling her little suitcase behind her.
She turned on the music and I was hooked!
Over the years, I’ve had Misty share GROOVE with students at the University where I worked.
Now it’s my turn to spread GROOVE into this world!
Having struggled with body image and an autoimmune disease, I know the power of GROOVING your body!  It has transformed the way I view HEALTH versus Fitness.
It also gave me the courage to start my own Healthy Lifestyle Coaching business.
My passion is to help women of all ages reconnect to their bodies so that they can reconnect to themselves!  I also want to spread GROOVE to Kids of all ages so they already are connected to their bodies and are confident humans, willing to change this planet for the better.
When I’m not GROOVING, I’m enjoying nature, doing Yoga, spending time with nieces and nephews, traveling, and learning.  (I’m a self-professed nerd!)


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