Torild Maya Agerbak Thornsohn – Europe

GROOVE empowers me! It MOVES me physically and mentally.  For me, every dance is a practice in listening to myself, tuning in and becoming aware of what I need to pay attention to in that very moment.
is my meditation, it tunes me into my inner compass that I know will always guide me in the right direction if I pay attention to it and follow it.
It’s an eternal journey into my own little wonderful universe. Always new adventures to discover. Some are pure joy and some are hard and challenging.

It is so beautiful to witness the journey of the GROOVERS in my class. First time GROOVERS, seasoned GROOVERS, men, women, young and old.
To witness their journey is truly humbling, and touches me deeply every single time.

MAGIC happens on the DANCEfloor. And even more MAGIC appears when we apply the GROOVE truths to our everyday lives.
I see the journey of GROOVE having such tremendous, positive impact on people, and I feel honored and grateful to be part of this powerful movement.

Torild is a physical therapist and has worked with the body-mind connection in forensic Psychiatry for many years.  She is currently managing a program in Denmark with young at risk boys, facilitates GROOVE weekly and is passionate about building the GROOVE community in Copenhagen.

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