Misty Tripoli – Worldwide

Rebel, TRUTH Warrior and lover of DANCE.  Innovator and Founder of The World GROOVE Movement. Creator of TheGROOVEmethod™, The technology of AUTHENTICITY™, THEGROOVE and The bodyGROOVE™ Experience.

I live eat and breathe the essence of dance, it screams in every cell in my body!  It is what I was born to do!  I have dedicated my life to the elevation of consciousness, creativity and authenticity through this very simple and powerful technology that came through me. I am devoted to sharing it with others, and showing people how simple it is to tune in, be creative and GROOVE.

I am always honored to facilitate a GROOVE and get to witness someone “waking up” in their body for the first time in their life and to see the joy and bliss that comes when someone finally moves past the fear of what others think about what it looks like and truly let themselves DANCE!  It blows my mind to see it happen through something so simple and easy!

Our soul is screaming to express and we have been given miraculous, fabulous meat suits that were designed for movement and pleasure.  Our capacities and potential can only be discovered through the personal quest and bravery to go within, tune into our innate wisdom and creativity and trust and honor what our soul is saying.  GROOVE allows you the opportunity in the midst of a very simple dance class to have this experience.  It’s beyond physical fitness!

I am proud and excited to lead this team of amazing GROOVERS that are just as passionate as I am about being authentic, dancing and building a healthy conscious global community.  I genuinely hope we get the opportunity to serve you and GROOVE with you very soon!