It’s a NEW year… Find the WHY

By Misty Tripoli
January 2013

I have to be totally honest; being human is an amazing trip!  I can’t deny how deeply I have been affected by having my life’s work claimed by someone else that I trusted.  I found myself in the midst of digging a pathetic grave of self-pity.  I wasted several days feeling sorry for myself and letting myself be a cry baby.  I have been humbled once again to my humanness. Anywho, in the yuck of darkness and negative energy I was creating around myself I was beautifully broadsided with the light of inspiration.  A big fat WHY jumped into the forefront of my awareness.  WHY?   Why am I doing what I do?  Why did I create the GROOVE in the first place?  Why have I dedicated my life to helping people move past their fears and mental restriction so they can feel the potential of who they are and at the same time have a delicious creative authentic dance experience? Why am I so passionate about using movement and simple truth to help people WAKE up?

The WHY is a beautiful place to return to. The passion and purpose of why I created THEGROOVE and it’s principles in the first place. I had a chance to revisit a great book I read (Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port) when I first created TheGROOVEMethod™ that got me to ask myself a few powerful questions.  These questions helped give me clarity on what is at the heart of the service I am called to provide this planet while I am here.

The clarity of my original vision and deep feeling of purpose is brighter than ever!! I am inspired and fueled by the passion and love of many GROOVERS around the world that are also warriors for this revolutionary dance experience.  Together we are creating community Dance floors around the world for people to come together to DANCE their asses off.  Not the traditional “everybody follow me, copy and try to keep up with what I doing” type dance experience.  NO!!  A REAL, (safe and simple) do it your own way, blow your mind, get your GROOVE on DANCE experience.

I had a very profound awakening in my life, I became aware and began to understand some very simple truth which trigger a massive change in my life and was the catalyst of the birth of TheGROOVEMethod™.  This is now my life’s mission, to show the world that you will never learn how to truly dance by copying and trying to follow someone else’s dance.  There is the dance that you learn and then there is the dance that can’t be taught.  It is the dance you discover within yourself but you will only find it when you STOP caring what someone might think of it and just dance for the sake of dancing,  tuning into the magic and bliss of music and let your soul scream with creativity and self expression.  That is what we are here to do. (In my opinion) We are here to use our meat suits creatively, they are designed to move and it is our birthright to FEEL GOOD in them. Don’t be afraid to explore it, play with it, love it and DANCE the S**T out of it, you can’t get it wrong when you do it YOUR WAY!

I have been GROOVING now for about 10 years and it is natural that my work would evolve as I have.  TheGROOVEMethod™ is still the foundation of my work, but the name has been simplified to THEGROOVE™.  My personal work with GROOVEphD (Personal. Holistic. Development) is the matured, more sophisticated, intelligent, therapeutic evolution of TheGROOVEMethod™.  Now that I am in my 40’s, my focus and my purpose now encompasses more than just dancing creatively and authentically, it is now infused with my quest for consciousness, higher levels of awareness and my curiosity and interest in holistic health technology (eastern medicine with new science). This is now an intricate part of THEGROOVE™ experience. It is not for people that want to get their ass kicked at the gym, or feel the need to work their bodies to the bone. THEGROOVE™ is for people that LOVE to dance creatively and authentically, people that want to challenge, explore and play with their bodies to not only cultivate physical health but to condition and enhance the health of their mind (thoughts and ideas), the heart (passions and desires) and the soul (expression and purpose).  The truth is that authenticity and creative self expression are just as important as having a healthy body or a tight ass!

Let me just say it like it is, THEGROOVE™ is a mind blowing dance experience that conditions the mind, body, heart and soul.  It’s like making sweet delicious love to yourself, like nobody else can!  You deserve it…. DANCE your DANCE!

THEGROOVE™ is no air fairy freestyle dance program.  Don’t get it twisted, THEGROOVE™ is a facilitated/guided unified (everyone does the same move) group dance experience where you learn a delicious movement or rhythm that is so ridiculously simple, you CAN’T get it wrong!  (NO choreography – nothing to memorize). Then the facilitator offers you suggestions and ideas about what is possible with that simple movement, then, it’s up to you to see and explore how YOUR body wants to do that movement, how you connect to the music and how your body wants to dance it.   The way YOU do it, IS THE RIGHT WAY.   THEGROOVE™ is an opportunity for you to connect to the innate intelligence and wisdom in your body, tune into amazing music and let your body GROOVE.

I am making the call out for other conscious warrior, rebels, intellects, and people who love to DANCE and want to FEEL GOOD!   The world needs you!  The World GROOVE needs you!  If you teach dance and want to learn how to FACILITATE DANCE, it’s simple and very powerful.  We have trainings all over the world – Trainings calendar

Join the conscious movement revolution and let’s use dance to make sweet delicious LOVE to ourselves…. Mmmm mmmmm good!

And this year.. I challenge you to find YOUR why? Why do you do what you do? What do you want to do with this beautiful precious life?  You are amazing… act like it!

See you on the dance floor,
Your friend and fellow life traveler,
Misty Tripoli