Deal with it!

By Misty Tripoli

How much LOVE do you have? What a powerful question?  Take a moment, if you can to contemplate how much “LOVE” you have in your heart, how endless is your capacity to love?  The truth is there is no limit. No amount of love your have for one thing, takes away or depletes the love you have for something else.  How cool is that?   But not just that, it doesn’t stop there, consider compassion, acceptance, tolerance, patience etc.  All unlimited capabilities and available to us (everyone) 24 hours a day! We have only to choose.

A great teacher that I love to learn from is Byron Katie, she says “There is only one chance for peace on this planet and it’s YOU”!  Soooo true, it all starts and ends with the one and only YOU!  Imagine what the world would be like if we ALL individually became aware (conscious) of how magical, wonderful, mysterious and unique (not better or more worthy) we all are and smother ourselves and those around us with LOVE, compassion and acceptance.

I choose the deliciousness of LOVE…What’s your choice today?

Spread it, exude it, live it, BE IT!



Together, we can move the world.