Linnéa Larsson – Ambassador for Sweden

For years I was trying to figure out a way to allow people to share what I experience when I dance. Those moments when you get lost in the music and the movement, when you let it take you, when there’s only here and now, are so incredibly freeing and you feel vibrantly alive.
Often people could sense something, watching me on the dance floor, and they’d wonder how I did it. I couldn’t say, because it just happened. Yes, I had taken dance classes and sure it helped me move my body in certain ways, however that moment when you’re so in the moment, it’s not about remembering steps, styles or choreography, the dance happens, your soul is free and expresses itself in ways you couldn’t expect. Some of the most magical moments in my lofe, happened on a dance floor.
So I wanted to figure out how to share this way of letting go, not caring what you look like and let the music have you.

On day I came across an article in a magazine about Misty Tripoli and THEGROOVE. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It matched exactly what I had been looking for. I got very excited and it didn’t take long before Misty showed up in my country and I got to GROOVE for the first time. Soon after I took my facilitator training and started facilitating THEGROOVE almost right away. It was the right time and it sure was the right thing for me. Now, I’m proud to say I’ve been grooving my community for almost two years and I’m amazed at what THEGROOVE provides for people, how it supports them to be more and more free and courageous in their expression. What also stuns me is how it brings people together from different demographics, ages, backgrounds etc., and how previous dance experience doesn’t matter at all. We all have so much inside of us that’s waiting to come to fruition. On THEGROOVE DANCEfoor your uniqueness is honored and it becomes obvious how much it contributes to the rest of the group when you dance fully like yourself. I have so much love, respect and enthusiasm about this movement and I’m so proud to be a part of it as a Facilitator and the Ambassador in Sweden.

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