Nadine Joy Collins – Ambassador for Montreal

GROOVE found me a few years ago when I was recovering from an injury and looking for something different to shake things up! I have always loved music and dancing and THEGROOVE was the perfect combination! I am a firm believer that God sends you what you need and there GROOVE was!
I love to GROOVE because it is so much fun and feels so good! THEGROOVE has made it possible for me to be free, happy and healthy! It’s a way to continue to learn to love and connect to my body, mind and soul in an AUTHENTIC way. THEGROOVE has been and continues to be a blessing! The JOY that comes out of this beautiful expression of movement is incredible!
The great thing about it is that all that matters is the music and how your body wants to move! THEGROOVE creates a safe space to let yourself go because no one cares what you look like! No judgements, just you and the wonderful people dancing with you! THEGROOVE communities around the world are so welcoming and are such a family that you feel that you’ve known them forever! The diversity of people that are GROOVErs is just that: DIVERSE they are from all walks of life and bring something UNIQUE and special to THEGROOVE. I am always honored to be in the company of Misty, THEGROOVE Team and the GROOVErs! I am so grateful that as a participant and a facilitator I get to share this experience with others on amazing DANCEfloors!

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