Pernille B – Ambassador for Denmark

My name is Pernille from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m a GROOVE Facilitator for adults and for kids, designer in training.

In my daily work I inspire and help people in need to exit gangs and their criminal way of living.
I’m also a music-lover, a performer and choreographer (gymnastics and Street) and I easily get inspired by the power of music.

I had the opportunity to GROOVE at an event in Copenhagen two years ago – I fell for it. Deeply in love!!! And have been ever since….. I cannot not GROOVE! In many years I’ve been told what to do and how… I love the choreo-world as well, but on my GROOVE journey I found that moving authentic and free gives me the whole body and mind experience. It’s my way to clear the head and get my energy back. And I love to bring it on!! To see how people respond to The GROOVE and to see them grow with it! It’s amazing…. No limits, just love. Nothing more, nothing less. The GROOVE will get you there.

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