Tine Aggrey – Ambassador for Norway

tinetwgmMoving to music is healing to me. And I don’t mean it in a mainstream, superficial way, because movement actually healed me!
Ten years ago I was suffering from anorexia, anxiety and severe depression, and so I dropped out of my studies in dance pedagogy. Analyzing my body’s movement in the mirror everyday made my mind go crazy, I think. Nothing was ever good enough, and I was constantly striving for perfection, comparing myself with everyone! For many years I did nothing but receive therapy, and it helped but it was actually Yoga and GROOVE that saved me from this “striving to be perfect” -illness! I came across a talk by Misty on YouTube, where she was addressing body image. Something in me just said “find her and learn from her!”. So I did!
After attending my first facilitator training I can honestly say my life changed completely. I have never danced to impress anyone ever again. Now I dance to keep myself grounded in my body, in tune with my deepest essence, and I dance to create joy and happiness within!
Because of what GROOVE does for me, it is no surprise that my greatest honor is to provide DANCEfloors for people to experience what GROOVING can do for them! I was the first and only one in Norway that facilitated GROOVE, but after a year I managed to gather a group of like minded to get trained. Now we are 8 facilitators and growing!
I have such respect for everyones individual reason for stepping onto the DANCEfloor. All I want to do is create a safe space for people to have their own unique experience, and hopefully as much fun as possible! This body we are born into is meant to feel good! And It is meant to look exactly the way it does right now! There is nothing you need to do, it already is perfect! I know that now! So let’s just enjoy and GROOVE together!


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