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The World Groove Movement was founded by Misty Tripoli, Creator of The Groove Method® in 2011 after 20 years of teaching movement and spending 10 years traveling the World as a NIKE Elite Trainer inspiring thousands through her love of dance, truth and higher consciousness.

Her powerful yet surprisingly simple method to movement, mindfulness and creativity that makes dance easy and accessible to everyone has quickly evolved into a global dance movement with Groove Dancefloors in over 20 countries. The World Groove Movement has become one of the leading voices in the conscious movement revolution.

Dance is as natural and normal as walking but unfortunately and tragically most people don’t dance.
What?! Really?!

Yup! Self-consciousness kicks in about age 8 and most people stop dancing. Not cool or necessary! We have a simple solution and a mission to change it! Everybody can dance!


Now we all know these things, but common sense is not common practice.

  • NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE – and if they do, it’s their problem!
  • YOUR WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY – There is no right or wrong way to dance!
  • NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU – Take responsibility for yourself!
  • YOU SHOULD LOOK DIFFERENT – You are different, you should look different!
  • YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING UNTIL YOU APPLY IT – These are just good ideas until you practice!

The Groove Method has powerfully and positively impacted thousands of lives and has become a global movement for higher consciousness, creativity, connection, self-expression and fun!!

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Meet the Founder of The World Groove Movement and creator of The Groove Method, Misty Tripoli – A spiritual gangster, dance lover and rebel to the core.

She is a no nonsense, practical powerhouse of tough love. Misty has become one of the most controversial, inspirational and impactful teachers of our time and has devoted her life elevating the consciousness of the planet by helping people tune into their own guru, wisdom and unique creativity so the real change can happen, the one within.

She started her passionate crusade back in 2007 after a very profound personal awakening. She was living in LA working herself into the ground as one of the most sought after choreographers, instructors and trainers. She appeared to be at the top of her game, she was in demand with the biggest companies in her industry, creating custom programs for the likes of Nike, Adidas, YogaWorks, Equinox, Sketchers, Les Mills and more. She was training elite athletes from the NBA and NFL and choreographing shows and national tours. She was great at what she did but was living a lie. She was suffering from a massive eating disorder. Every day was a spiraling hell with a very secret obsessive cycle of binging, purging and over exercising while trying to maintain the “perfect” appearance. (and in Los Angeles, It’s aesthetics on crack!).

Then on a rainy evening in 2007, after an episode of throwing up blood, curled up on the bathroom floor in tears of frustration and defeat, something called down deep inside her to just be still and quiet. She did and what she discovered in the stillness was so profound her whole life changed in an instant and she finally met her true authentic self for the first time in her life. The illusion was exposed and the truth became so loud that from that moment she dedicated herself to becoming a warrior for truth, to expose the illusion and lies we have been told and assist in any way possible to help raise the awareness, creativity and consciousness of the planet.

Dance and movement has always been at the center of her life, but up until this point, she was dancing to fit in, get it right and look good, trying to do it the way everyone else was. But once the truth became a reality, she no longer cared what people thought, she was determined to do it her way no matter what. She became a powerful voice in the dance and fitness industries that it was time for a revolution.

Things had to change and evolve. It was time to add creativity, authenticity and fricken simplicity to a very confusing, convoluted and intimidating industry. She observed how you have to be fit and coordinated to participate in fitness and dance classes which leave the majority of the world left out.

This was not acceptable to Misty any longer and The Groove Method was born and based off 5 very simple, practical and common sense truths that became very real and when facilitated and applied to movement, it creates the Groove experience.

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