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Our programs prepare and support you in delivering amazing unique group DANCEfloor experiences for Adults, Teens, Kids and *Older Adults.

The GROOVEMethod® was developed in 2007 by Misty Tripoli, the Founder of The World Groove Movement™. (video of Misty talking about the method, a little short welcome and history). It is a very simple yet powerfully effective concept that gives people permission to be creative and the confidence to dance their own unique dance.

Read more about Misty and history The GROOVE Method®


Wanna start?

We are so excited you feel the YES and you are ready to learn about The Groove Method and how to facilitate The Groove DANCEfloor Experience.

Your next step is to decide which training you want to attend. The Groove Academy offers 2 basic Facilitator Trainings. Click the link below and you will then have the option to sign up for the facilitation for adults and/or the facilitation for kids/teens training.

Global Training Calendar


The Groove Academy provides you with the all tools and resources you need to become a confident facilitator.

  • 18 hours of in-person training and 3 months of application and practice
  • Pre-course preparation videos and training materials
  • Course manuals, workbooks and materials
  • 3 months access to our online Groove Academy packed with Video tutorials
  • Playlists (new playlist released every month)
  • Sample flyers, Promotional and marketing materials
  • Discounts to other Groove events, trainings and retreats
  • Access to our engaging and dynamic Groove facilitator online community
  • 3 month mentorship with your Educator to become a licensed Facilitator
  • A 6 Class Practicum and Class video submission and approval is required to become a Licensed Facilitator


  • The Groove concept and philosophy
  • Pathways of communication
  • Creating group unification through teaching simple movement
  • Facilitation skills and intuitive teaching techniques
  • Understanding the Groove framework and how to create the DANCEfloor experience
  • How to inspire creativity and authentic movement through facilitation
  • Practical application and facilitation group work

Global Training Calendar

What They Say

"Hi I'm Tash, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Groover!! I became a GROOVE facilitator because I wanted to share this amazing dance experience with others. It gave me my spark back and unleashed my creativity. I knew that people needed that opportunity too. When I Groove, I love that I'm able to fully dance and express myself in a way that feels good for me. It gets me out of my head and into my body in a fun and supportive environment. I want everyone to know that Groove is so simple yet so powerful. It reminds us that life isn't meant to be taken too seriously. You are enough, exactly as you are! "
Tash Sciotto- Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
"I become a facilitator because I wanted to uplift others in dance.What I like about grooving is the collective energy in the room it's one thing to dance alone but to dance with others is bliss. "
Jane Ellerington – Ontario, CANADA
"I became a GROOVE facilitator because the process is very accessible. The 2 day training was affordable, the continuing resources are awesome and also very reasonable rates compared to other venues. What I like about GROOVING is I get to use my imagination and loose myself to find myself through dancing to a variety of "dance my ass off music"! "
Ken Daley - NYC, USA
"I'm a GROOVE facilitator for adults and for kids and a designer in training. In my daily work I'm a policeofficer. I'm also a dancer (gymnastics and Street) and got the opputinity to Groove on an event in Copenhagen two years ago - I fell for it. Deeply in love!!! And have been ever since..... I cannot not Groove. In many years I've been told what to do and how... I love the choreo-world as well, but on my GROOVEjourney I found that moving authentic and free gives me the whole body and mind experience. It's my way to clear the head and get my energy back. And I love to bring it on!! To see how people respond to The Groove and to see them grow with it are amazing.... No limits, Just Love. Nothing more, nothing less. "
Pernille B. – Copenhagen, DENMARK
"I’ve been a group fitness trainer since 2010. I was also studying acting for several years, even non-verbal acting. And I just love to dance! All of these made me to be a Groove facilitator. When I first got to know Groove on a fitness event I knew it was totally for me and other people should also experience this, so it was not a question that I took the facilitator training. What I truly love about Groove is that I can be creative and free. In Groove I can express my feelings and I can be myself."
Kristof Illovszky – Budapest, HUNGARY
"From the very moment I saw Misty on youtube talking about body image and loving who you are, I knew I had found what I had been longing for. Video after video made me convinced that I HAD to try Groove. After my first class with Misty there was no doubt; I had to bring this dance experience and philosophy to Norway. Having been through a long rough time in my life, loving to dance but hating my body,Groove has changed everything about how I think and feel about myself. I am truly passionate about sharing this experience and providing a space for people to dance and tune in to that loving accepting space within. The world needs more Self love, and Groove is a beautiful way to practice that! What I love about GROOVING is how it allows me to reconnect with my body, heart and soul again and again. My mind gets silent so that my body can express all the emotions I've been containing. Whatever I've been holding back is released and I feel liberated. Also it is amazing how Groove unites people in a safe and accepting space. It builds community in a way I've never experienced before! In a world where being different often times is viewed as "wrong" - Groove is contributing in a healing way as it acknowledges that being different is what makes us unique and beautiful! I love that! "
Tine Våla Sand - Kongsvinger, NORWAY
"GROOVE gives me the freedom to share my dance with others, and gives permission for others to do the same. It is a way my heart and soul can creatively express to amazing rhythms which is quite satisfying to me. Others see this in me, get excited too, and once again, gives them the permission to do the same. It can be quite healing. I have learned the importance of "connection" - connecting to all of who we are. Grooving does this for me, and in turn, helps me connect with others. Coming into community on The Groove dancefloor embodies the idea of connection in every way - joyfully and in fun as we move our bodies together... "
Maria Wasserman – California, USA
"I am a dancer and a psychologist, and found that GROOVE was a perfect tool to combine my two passions and help people heal and develop in body and mind. What struck me most about GROOVE was the possibility to create a sense of community, where people of all ages, races, sex, and skill can come together in a joyful celebration of life."
Sibeal Hill – Copenhagen, DENMARK
"I became a facilitator because the first time I Grooved, I felt like I was home and every cell in my body was alive with happiness. I knew I wanted to give others the chance to experience that exhilaration. Grooving is a gateway to the self, the more you surrender to it, the more alive you feel. It has changed my whole life and it can do amazing things for anyone who is willing to let themselves dance their beautiful hearts out."
Chelsea Rider – San Diego, USA
"I became a Facilitator as the Groove philosophy allows me to create a space for people where they are able to dance simply, creatively and expressing different aspects of themselves. I love seeing people grow, explore and move to music, it gives me such joy. Groove makes sense; it cultivates all aspects of self, gives people easy moves or tempos, then they get to express those moves in their own capacity without fear or judgement. This in turn strips away all of society's conformities!"
Rebecca David – Boronia, AUSTRALIA
"I became a Groove facilitator because I love to move in a meaningful way, and I want to inspire others to do the same! I love Groove because I get the opportunity to move in a way that is authentically me, and I get to feel connected to the whole group by being united and unique. You can't get this wrong!"
Jax Page – Ontario, CANADA
"I became a facilitator in 2013, I wanted to give more people the chance to experience this amazing concept, as one of my participants say: It is like a party on an everyday evening. And she is completely right, in Groove we can have a party together, while we still are unique in our own ways, we can get lost in the music together and we can be in stillness together."
Gitte Saldern Juhl – Jutland, DENMARK
"I' m an Actress and I became a Groove Facilitator because after reading about The Groove the first time I knew in the same Moment this is the perfect thing for me myself and I ( brain, belly, heart) and I thought maybe I can use it for my work as well....and after doing Groove the first time there was no longer doubt that I have to share this great experience of dancing the heart out and all the other great things Groove includes, with other people, everywhere, because Groove connects you with your self and opens up your eyes for the beauty of life."
Nadine Ehrenreich - Esslingen, GERMANY
"In 2013 I attended my first GROOVE Class. Instantly I knew I want to be a Groove Facilitator. Because I love to dance. And it's awesome how Groove enables everybody to dance together still in its own creative way. 
For me it’s an everyday-challenge to switch off thoughts like "how do I look" or "what do people think about me". And Groove is a great tool to discover yourself, find creative ways to express yourself and most of all truely love yourself. Nothing is more impressive but to witness the transformation of a person. And this is what I want to share with as much people as possible!"
Katharina Yari - Kitzbühel, AUSTRIA
"I attended a community Groove class with Misty in Copenhagen, After that I just knew I had to be part of the family and facilitate the room for other people too. I love to dance. When I dance I forget about everything else and I just am. I am enough when I dance and I love the feeling Groove gives me. It gives me the opportunity to let go, be and love. Dancing is moving my body, mind and soul in unity. The Groove truths make sense on the dance floor and off it too and integrating Groove in my everyday life has given me so much."
Liv Kaldau – Copenahagen, DENMARK
"Aloha! I've never wanted to teach anything in my life, but decided to become a facilitator because if I didn't, there would be no more Groove in my life. I was hooked from class #1! I work full-time, have 2 kids and a chef husband (so he's not around much): Groove allows me to do something joyful for me, I get to dance on a regular basis (my first drug of choice!), I get to share the above with an amazing variety of people and last, but not least, has created a special bond between my kids and me (and my hubby too)! It has honestly changed my life: physically, emotionally and spiritually! Oh, and Fingerlight Groove is the greatest invention since sliced bread!"
Lisa-Maria Priester- Hawaii, USA
"I became a facilitator so I could share with others the wonder, beauty and freedom of dancing without a care … freedom from inhibitions, worries and fears. Just PURE joy!
I LOVE Groove for its simplicity and its availability to everybody … for its ability to unite! I have met so many amazing people through Groove, luckily most of them are now great friends (I actually think of them as family ☺). I truly feel part of a loving, understanding and meaningful movement that is making a difference in people's lives ... one DANCEfloor at a time!"
Elaine Novak – Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
"For the past few years Groove has been an increasingly important part of my life, and the Facilitator Training simply materialized as the obvious next step forward on my path; a step I knew with all certainty I was meant to take. 
Dancing has a way of fusing my mental, emotional and physical reality into one fluid expression; you could say it connects me fully to myself. The entire atmosphere of community surrounding Groove takes the dancing experience to a whole new level, and so often I'm in awe of this powerful collective energy manifesting itself on the dancefloor. When this happens dancing not only connects me to myself, but to something greater. In my experience Groove has the potential to catalyze profound change in us all - or it can “just” be a fun and delicious way to exercise, if that is what feels right to you."
Charlotte Westenholz – Copenhagen, DENMARK
"I became a facilitator because I want to bring the feeling of freedom and fun, that dancing brings me, into people’s lives. The thing I like about Grooving is that it’s accessible to all abilities and all ages and we get to act, sing, dance to all styles of music and use props."
Martine Thompson – Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
"GROOVE allows me to connect with the wild, free and courageous pieces of myself and to express that with nourishing, intuitive movement.
I facilitate Groove to help inspire people to start inspiring themselves to feel good through intuitive, nourishing stupid simple movement and self expression!"
Reba Campbell – Toronto, CANADA