The Official GROOVE Method

The OFFICIAL GROOVE Method™ and the Technology of AUTHENTICITY™
by Misty Tripoli
TheGROOVEMethod™ has evolved into what it truly is; a proven and powerful technology. After 10 years of teaching and refining the elements that give people permission to be authentic in their movement with nearly 100% success rate, Misty discovered that this technology transcends movement/DANCE and can be applied to any area of life. The Technology of AUTHENTICITY™ goes far beyond physical fitness. It is the nurturing and conditioning of the deeper inner self, the Soul, Spirit or Force that animates you, that is here to express, be creative and experience life in its fullest potential, individuality and the uniqueness that is YOU. You can work very hard to condition the physical body but until you nurture the deeper creative part of yourself, you will never truly experience your potential and taste the deliciousness of holistic vibrant health. If you want to become truly vibrantly healthy, start from the inside out! Unfortunately, in the traditional fitness and dance worlds we work backwards, focusing on the aesthetics and the physical form. The Technology of AUTHENTICITY™ , applied to any movement modality, will allow you to work from the inside out, so you not only play, condition and nurture your physical form, but you will also get to tune into and experience your innate wisdom and ability to be creative and fully expressed. This allows you to nurture the spirit (whatever animates you) and the truest essence and uniqueness of YOU.


THEGROOVE by Misty Tripoli™ is a simple yet revolutionary and foundational approach to teaching dance or movement that uses the facilitation of the Technology of AUTHENTICITY™ to foster self awareness, authentic movement, creativity and unique self expression, for the cultivation of vibrant holistic health, for the mind, body, heart and soul.When this technology is applied and facilitated in a group class setting it also cultivates UNITY, acceptance of others, community, creative human interaction and social skills. In a GROOVE class, participants connect with the group dynamic by unifying in a common simple movement or rhythm to ridiculously amazing music, then through trained facilitators, they are given permission to be completely authentic, creative, fully expressed and allowed to DANCE it their own way… The PERFECT WAY! The result is a truly authentic delicious DANCE experience!

GROOVE: is a slang term: meaning in enjoyable time or experience. To be in the GROOVE (flow or zone).

GROOVE Facilitators learn how to apply the Technology of AUTHENTICITYto a dance or fitness environment and provide an opportunity and the space for people to tune into their own innate wisdom, take responsibility for themselves, feel good in their bodies, and then give them permission to explore and confidently dance or move authentically and creatively (DANCE) to MUSIC. THEGROOVE goes far beyond the physical! This is the ULTIMATE GROUP dance experience for the evolution of consciousness and holistic health.If you are interested in learning how to become a facilitator of THEGROOVE check out our training calendar at

TheGROOVEMethod™ by Misty Tripoli is such a profound, simple and effective concept, other companies have taken claim to Misty’s original concepts and method.  Be aware, only those products and services that are listed here on The World GROOVE Movement, are the authentic Real GROOVE products. If you would like to know the history of the GROOVE visit