Unite, dance, be yourself. Two left feet... no problem! Don’t think you can dance... no problem! No experience... no problem! No special clothing, equipment or expertise needed. Just come as you are! Get on the DANCEfloor and GROOVE!

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for kids

Groove is perfect for getting kids and teens moving, interacting, being creative and feeling great! They’ll get to dance to all different styles of music from around the world while working on key movement skills. The best part, is that they can’t get it wrong! We help kids and youth find their unique style and the confidence to express it!

Here are some amazing benefits of The GROOVE for KIDS program:

A mindful movement practice that strengthens body awareness and key movement skills such as balance, flexibility, agility, strength and cardio - Builds rhythm connection to a variety of diverse styles of music - Fosters imagination, critical thinking and problem solving skills - Boost confidence and inspires creative self - expression - Builds community through music and movement and promotes a healthy social - emotional environment - Nurtures physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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for seniors

GROOVE for Seniors Young At HEART Developed by seniors for seniors! GROOVE for seniors is a DANCEfloor experience dedicated to keeping the YOUNG at HEART active, healthy, creative and connected with their community. Great music, simple moves and big moments! You’re never too young to get your GROOVE on! Yvonne and Roger Puckett are the dynamic duo from NYC, passionate about sharing GROOVE and making dance accessible to everyone, no matter how young you are. They have combined their many years of expertise in dance, movement, and fitness to create the most playful, creative and fun dance experience for seniors.

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Re-CREATE your workout.... GROOVE IT! GROOVE DANCEfloor + Fitness = PURE BLISS! GROOVEfit is a revolutionary dance fitness experience created specifically to get you SUPER FIT... mind, body, heart and soul!

Developed by GROOVE Educator Heather Winia, with over 25 years of dance, fitness, and holistic health experience. She has masterfully crafted a body loving, mind-blowing GROOVE DANCEFloor experience infusing 14 functionally intelligent fitness benefits! Get on the DANCEfoor and get GROOVEfit!

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