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groove it!

What is GROOVE? from The World GROOVE Movement™ on Vimeo.

We specialize in creating unforgettable, engaging, interactive and insanely fun dance parties for every occasion. From huge festivals and conventions to weddings and house parties. From raging finger light night club dance parties to super chilled out meditative Groove’s and everything in between. We customize the experience to fit your exact needs and desires.

Our talented team of rockstar facilitators specialize in getting the party started and can provide a dance experience that will blow their minds and be a part of making your event insanely fun and memorable for everyone.

Tell us a bit more about you, your event and how we can serve you.

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"GROOVE helps me build confidence and I feel like I get back to myself. 60 minutes of mind freedom is always the result."
"I thought I couldn't dance, so finding GROOVE was awesome for me. GROOVE made a big impact on me both as a budding dancer, and young adult learning about myself. I'd never been exposed to a class where I could be so creative and open in such a supportive and challenging atmosphere. GROOVE allows me to create, encourages me to be silly, and helps me connect with my body."

"GROOVE allows me to be myself without worry. I don't have to worry a missed a step or I look worse than the others when I dance. I love the acceptance and love I feel on the dance floor for my individuality."
"GROOVE gives me a chance to be free to express myself. There are times the music and energy is so good, without sounding too corny, as Michael Jackson put it along this line, ''I become the dance". "

"Discovering GROOVE has renewed my spirit. It is my time to just be me! GROOVE has taught me how to love and accept myself by reminding me that I am unique with my own unique expression in life. "

"GROOVE makes me feel great, alive, and liberated of all the stress, fears, doubts and insecurities. GROOVE finds the child in me and takes it out for a spin."

"It’s the best high in the world!
 GROOVE marries two of my favorite things : music and dancing. When I Groove, the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's just me, communing with my body. "

"I just love GROOVE! It is a simple and easy movement. GROOVE really does soothe the soul and can just carry you into a more relaxed mood. You work your body hard but it also feels great! I have met many wonderful ladies in my GROOVE classes and we all feel a certain connection with each other through the love of music and dance.

"Once you GROOVE, you cannot go back. I love being able to express myself through dance, GROOVE makes me feel alive and brings me lots of energy and happiness."

"I GROOVE because it's awesome! Grooving gives me the power to start fresh with an open mind and a happy heart!"

"GROOVE allows me to dance my heart out to great music with amazing people, and still be myself at the same time. Most importantly, I love that I feel more centered and at peace after each class."